" As a catalyst for the economic future of Cambodia and a launch pad for its tourism industry, Grand Diamond City and Poipet Resort will help Cambodia solidify its standing among the world's greatest destinations "


Grand Diamond City Hotel & Casino is set to become a premier entertainment destination with its vibrant diversity of attractions and facilities. The vision is to build an integrated development that is timeless, a landmark that processes a distinct identity which will distinguish Cambodia from other cities. Grand Diamond City seamlessly combines business and leisure into a singular destination unlike any other.


All of Us at The Grand Diamond City Hotel & Casino and Poipet Resort Casino work to honor the wishes of our guests so that they can enjoy a relaxing, high-quality time with us. We offer a blend of traditional hospitality and innovation to bring you an experience that is always Brand new.

At The Grand Diamond City and Poipet Resort, Our Brand Vision refers to 'constancy and change'. Constancy means something that never changes, while Change refers to the Spirit of accepting new things. WE, Grand Diamond City's and Poipet Resort Casino's team members are delighted to bestow our visitors with extraordinary status, privilege and access, at one of the Asia's most spectacular leisure, entertainment and business destination.