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Poipet Resort reflects a vision of the future that combines quality of life with a commitment to sustainable design. It is one of the environmentally sustainable communities and is committed to maintaining elevated green standards for both today and tomorrow. Setting a new standard for responsible growth in Poipet, Poipet Resort and Grand Diamond City Hotel and Casino realise the dedication to achieve the environmental objective. At every point, we have taken steps to achieve this goal, including the use of wood products from responsibly managed forests; high efficiency water use, both inside the building and outdoors; alternative fuel options for the transportations, and an improvement in energy efficiency over standard building codes. Solidifying Poipet Resort's commitment to sustainability, Poipet Resort and Grand Diamond City are responsible to have "green" business operations.  

Poipet Resort is dedicated to the preservation of our planet's precious resources through the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices. The following are a variety of ways in which Poipet Resort has implemented this dedication throughout the property and in its operation.
Energy Management [ + ]
Clean Building [ + ]
Recycling and Waste Management [ + ]
Sustainable Supply Chain [ + ]
Outreach and Education [ + ]

Green Key evaluates hotel based on a comprehensive evaluation of the hotel's sustainability efforts. Thank you for supporting our dedication to sustainability and helping us make a difference.