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Poipet Resort Style


In Poipet Resort, we take what we do very seriously. But we don't take ourselves too seriously. 

We work hard. We're dedicated to getting the job done well, and no one is too important to pitch in.We know it's nice to be important, but to us it's more important to be nice. We're competent professionals, but we're not stuffy. Maybe just a little proud.

Our integrity means we will walk away from opportunities if we can't profit from them honestly. We stand by our commitments, yet we don't make promises unless we're convinced we can keep them.

We have an open door policy and that makes us approachable. We're human, which also makes us uneasy with change.

We don't waste money, but we're anxious to reinvest capital to maintain and expand our markets. 

We encourage innovation and the free expression of ideas. "Go ahead and try it" is spoken more often than "That will never work."

We're not selfish. We give of our time and money to help our community and those less fortunate than us.

We are different, but we are a team.